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Architects to Old Buildings

MacDonald & Mack Architects is a Minneapolis-based firm specializing in the preservation and adaptive reuse of historic properties. Even if you don't know our name, you know our work, which includes iconic landmarks across Minnesota and over 20 other states.


We were founded in 1976. In 2011, we received the AIA Minnesota Firm Award, with the jury calling us "The gold standard in historic preservation."


OUR MISSION is not just to make old buildings beautiful again but to make them work for modern use. We provide the highest level of assessment and design expertise to honor a building's legacy while helping it evolve to remain vital for generations to come.


WE WORK WITH a wide range of clients, including nonprofits, state and local governments, developers, religious organizations, private individuals, and Legacy Grants recipients. We also love collaborating with other firms!


Why work with MacDonald & Mack? Three ways we're different.

Our focus: An unparalleled passion for preservation. For the best treatment, you need a specialist, and preservation is our primary focus. We're driven not by ego or flashy design but by stewardship and letting the original architecture shine. If you don't see our "mark," we've done our job right. Think of us as CSI: Historic Preservation: the low-key, detail-driven experts who save the day.

Our approach: Nimble, meticulous, collaborative. As a small firm with big capacity, we're flexible and efficient, able to take on projects of all sizes, from a single wall to an entire historic district. Our size also ensures quality control: all projects have the direct supervision of one of our three principals. And we love teaming with other architects and historians--our unique skills complement theirs. We play well with others!

Our experience: Over 35 years of expertise and innovation. Since 1976, we've worked on over 500 properties on the National Register of Historic Places and have been innovators in the field of preservation. Our experience informs our rigorous approach: We dig deeper than anyone else, looking past the surface to seek out the hidden problems and their long-term solutions.

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