Sons of Norway Heimbygda Lodge

lanesboro, Minnesota

The Sons of Norway Lodge was constructed in 1910, with additions in 1921 and 1952. The building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as a contributing part of the Lanesboro Historic District; it's also part of the locally-designated  Historic Downtown District.


In 2013, the Lodge hired MacDonald & Mack to complete a Conditions Assessment to evaluate the entire building that assessed the current state of all components, identify problems and their underlying causes, and made recommendations for treatment. Three major concerns arose from the study: deteriorating columns of the front porch, walls in the assembly hall that were bowing out of plane, and a lack of ADA access to the building and facilities inside.


The Lodge subsequently hired MacDonald & Mack to complete design services to:

  • Repair the front porch and columns
  • Replace the wood ramp with a new code compliant ADA walk
  • Structurally stabilize the walls and restore the upper domed ceiling
  • Install an ADA bathroom and upgrade the kitchen that is utilized by the Lodge and the Lanesboro community



National Register nomination for Lanesboro Historic District

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